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Support for ArgoUML

The project team offers daily support on many channels: issue tracking, email, forum, wiki and chat. Depending on your need, some of these possibilities are more suitable then others. Check the following questions to find what fits best in your case. In the end, there's no right or wrong: you are free to choose how to ask for support.

Do you need any help with ArgoUML beyond the documentation?

A structured knowledge base for any help is available with the forum. This allows for a quick research if a similar question with a helpful answer is already there. If not, ask there to make sure the solution to your problem is achived and easily found in future.

In urgent cases join the user mailing list and state your request via email, no matter if others asked the same question before. Searching the mailing archive is possible, too.

Have you discovered a problem and consider reporting it?

Bugs and other issues with ArgoUML are to be recorded and tracked in the issue tracking database, which is easy to use. This contributes best to the further development of ArgoUML!

If you want to check first, if it's a known problem, you can search this database first, or ask about it in the forum or by email.

Are you looking for additional resources?

Definitely the best places for more stuff is the wiki (including links to the actual documentation), and maybe also the forum. And if you have enough time and want to contact other ArgoUML people, join our IRC channel and have a nice chat.

Do you want to share knowledge that might be of general interest?

For this we have established the wiki, where a much wider audience can contribute. This allows for more practical topics, and also the consideration of any context of ArgoUML like integrating with other tools, UML in general, software development methodologies or many more.

Next you will find some further description and link to the various support channels.

Issue Tracking


If you have any issue with ArgoUML, you can visit our bugs and issues database (http://argouml.tigris.org/project_bugs.html/) and search the entries. If you find there's no entry for your particular issue, you can create a new one. This is not only for reporting bugs, but also for enhancement requests or, even better, patches.

As a prerequisite for editing, you must register at the Tigris website, and log in. To be able to make any change to existing issues, you have to apply for an Observer role in the ArgoUML project and get it granted.

The project team welcomes you to this issue tracking database and appreciates your contribution! You can even vote for issues, see the issues with the most votes here.


Mailing list

For direct contact, you could use the Users' mailing list (http://argouml.tigris.org/servlets/SummarizeList?listName=users). Subscription is required for sending mails to it.

This is the discussion list for users of ArgoUML. Typical topics of this list are how I use ArgoUML in my day to day work, features and quirks in the latest stable version of ArgoUML, and how best to install ArgoUML. Discussions in English. Please consult the FAQ before posting. You must subscribe to be allowed to send mails to the list.

See your message making its way directly to the desk of the developers and other users, get them talk to you via email! You could also browse and search through the mailing list database to see if your topic was already discussed. A more advanced way for searching our mail archives is provided by MarkMail: see our indexed mails at MarkMail (http://argouml.markmail.org/). MarkMail is a free service for searching mailing list archives, with huge advantages over traditional search engines.



A User's forum (http://www.argouml-users.net/forum) is ready for you to search, discuss and exchange information with developers or other users of ArgoUML. (Currently, this is in English, but feel free to ask for any language subforum.)

This is ideal for you to get in touch with developers and users if you like a browser based communication structured hierarchically more than the exchange of messages via your mail account. Do anonymous research, and register for a free account to write to the forum.



Contribute to the Wiki (http://www.argouml-users.net/) if you are an experienced user and have to say something. Help extending it! Of course you can just browse the topics to find out new things about ArgoUML, from a different perspective.

The wiki does not explain the usage of ArgoUML like the user documentation, but it sheds light on the context of ArgoUML: special uses, user stories, tutorials, extensions and whatever users find important to know about the software.



Join the #argouml IRC channel at Freenode, if you directly want to talk with the team or other users.

The chat is the right place if you either want to know the peoble behind the sofware, or if you need a direct dialog for your topic of interest. Please be aware that team members appear daily, but are not present everytime of the day.

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